About Lavabis
Lavabis was founded in 2009 and is a specialist retailer for morticians, thanatologists, pathologists and cemetery supplies. At that time, the focus was still on hygiene, but the range and product groups have been steadily expanded over the last few years with regard to funeral supplies.

Today, the extensive online store contains more than 7,000 items - and the number is growing every day. Our main product categories are

- Care & Embalming

- Hygiene

- Urns & Coffin

- Funeral service

- Cemetery

- Further education

Our mission
As a reliable supplier in the B2B sector, our goal is to offer high-quality and innovative products for the funeral industry in order to optimize the work processes of funeral directors and make their daily work with the deceased easier. In addition, Lavabis offers various products and options to help funeral directors stand out from the competition and increase their turnover.

Our team

Lavabis GmbH is backed by a dedicated team of professionals in the areas of purchasing, sales, logistics, customer service, marketing, IT, accounting and a talented funeral director. Every employee contributes to the success of the company. Through regular training and constant exchange, we always stay up to date.

Your benefits as a customer
Our corporate philosophy as a funeral wholesaler is based on several unique selling points (USPs) that set us apart from others and offer you the following benefits as a funeral home:

✔️ Over 7,000 items in our range

✔️ No minimum order value

✔️ Fast delivery (Europe-wide)

✔️ Only 6.90 € shipping costs once (free shipping from 300 € )

✔️ Telephone customer service

✔️ Graduated prices or quantity discount on selected products

✔️ Large selection of all well-known brands

✔️ Only one ordering process necessary

✔️ Orders are possible 24/7

✔️ Detailed product information directly in the store

✔️ Everything in one store: Over 4,000 urns and 3,000 other products

✔️ Manufacturers' catalogs available as a free download

✔️ Free newsletter (registration required)

Our newsletter

As a Lavabis customer, we highly recommend subscribing to our free newsletter. The following benefits await you with a subscription:

- Innovative new products

- Exclusive offers and discounts

- Helpful tips

- Interesting facts

- Important information

We look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied customer to our funeral store!