Alexandra H.
K u n d e n s e r v i c e

  • Finds the optimal solution for your request
  • Will be happy to take your orders
  • Informs you about our products
  • Answers your inquiries quickly and competently
  • Ensures the purchase of exclusive products

Jonas T.
P r o d u c t m a n a g e m e n t

  • Trained funeral specialist
  • Supervision of the product range
  • Providing information for your purchase decision
  • Identification of innovative products

Markus S.
I n h a b e r

  • Business development
  • Expansion of product range & supplier contacts
  • Partnerships & cooperations
  • Represents the company

Patricia G.
M a r k e t i n g & I T

  • Studied Marketing Consultant
  • Content creation for a better understanding of customers
  • Expert reporting
  • Technical support
  • Optimization of the webshop

Sandra E.
L o g i s t i c

  • Management and organization of stock levels
  • Fast shipping of products

Anika D.
I n h a b e r i n

  • Content creation
  • Support for external platforms & partners
  • Business development
  • Human Resources

Sabine I.
Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable & accounts receivable management
  • Responsible for the dunning process

B u r o h u n d

  • For an open corporate culture
  • Lifts the mood
  • Promotes well-being and health
  • Improves communication